Dynamic detour sign

IBOMADE’s state-of-the-art smart traffic technology

Fast, dependable and digital: A dynamic detour sign is increasing efficiency and creates more options for a smart traffic management.

Our dynamic detour sign: We lead the traffic of the future
  • traffic density with advanced LED-congestion warning system Permanent data recording of traffic density with advanced LED-congestion warning system
  • of detour recommendation Dynamic adjustment of detour recommendation
  • Individuell steuerbare Parameter Individually controllable parameters for optimal traffic management
  • Energy self-sufficient Energy self-sufficient, smart and perfectly visible LED-message sign
Dynamic detour sign
Dynamic detour sign

No utopia, but reality already: the dynamic detour sign

IBOMADE realises automated processes, optimized data collection and advanced engineering – digital traffic technology 4.0

IBOMADE develops and manufactures traffic engineering for tomorrows mobility. This requires a very efficient data collection due to sensitive radar sensor technology. In addition, an instant and dependable digital transmission of the collected data to enable optimized traffic management.

In practice this means: Our mobile LED-congestion warning systems are detecting the density of the traffic. These date will be transmitted via our control unit to the IBOMADE cloud. If a detour recommendation is advisable in terms of a high volume of traffic, this is going to be displayed immediatelly on the LED-message board. This technology reduces the danger of traffic jams and increases the safety – with us you will arrive at your destination quicker and even more safe.

Revolutionary traffic technology for significant challenges

Therefore an efficient and sustainable traffic management is indispensible

A higher volume of traffic in metropolian areas, the compelling necessity for eco-friendly and sustainable mobility, the imminent future of autonomous and connected driving – with IBOMADE those contradictory elements of challenges are coming together. Our revolutionary traffic technology like the LED-congestion warning systems and the LED-message signs of the latest generation are the basis for that.

The message signs are energy self-sufficient with a low energy consumption due to separately controllable pixel. Our innovative battery units and photovoltaic modules are completely maintenance-free. This also protects the environment. In combination with our IBOMADE cloud and the self-developed traffic construction site management software these aspects are showing the high innovative power.

the LED-message signs of the latest generation
Connected and dynamic – this is how we drive in the future
The dynamic detour sign is part of a futuristic but real traffic management

How do we drive on the Autobahn and highway in the future? It is already obvious that autonomous driving is one of the mega trends of future decades. Vehicles will be connected and react autonomous to changing traffic situations – or at least the car will give instructions to the driver. IBOMADE is part of the game.

Because a dynamic detour sign features exactly this: The LED-message sign reacts dynamic and autonomous to a changed traffic density, recommends a detour – for example another exit – and prevents unnecessary traffic jams and dangerous traffic situations. With IBOMADE you will drive to a new era of traffic technology.