Our mission

IBOMADE modernizes and revolutionizes traffic technology

In the fields of traffic engineering and traffic safety there are great potentials for more sustainability, efficiency and security. IBOMADEs mission is to identify those potentials and to transform them with innovative technology and environmentally-friendly components.

This affects for example sectors like congestion warning systems, detour signings or variable-message signs. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and simple constructions, IBOMADE truly revolutionizes traffic technology according to a sustainable and effective traffic management.

Our way

Product development and manufacturing with high speed

Since 2019 a team of engineers develop advanced products for efficient and eco-friendly traffic technology 4.0. After only one year development time, the manufacturing in Hockenheim got started in 2020.

Meanwhile, IBOMADEs products such as the mobile LED-congestion warning system or the dynamic detour sign are successfully in use. Today, development, manufacturing and the daily use in traffic are working hand in hand. We do not stop – we continue our way and improve our traffic technology continuously.