Freely programmable message sign

Individual LED-message sign for most diverse traffic situations

IBOMADE’s freely programmable LED-message signs are a major part of advanced traffic management an innovative traffic technology – dependable and sustainable in every situation.

Our freely programmable message sign: advanced traffic technology
  • battery technology Environmentally friendly due to revolutionary battery technology and energy saving
  • photovoltaic module Energy self-sufficient and maintenance-free with effective photovoltaic module
  • traffic situation Freely programmable for every traffic situation and information
  • display brightness Dynamic customization of display brightness and separately controllable LEDs
Freely programmable message sign
Freely programmable message sign
Freely programmable LED-Display 48x80
Freely programmable LED-Display 48x80
Freely programmable LED-Display 64x96
Freely programmable LED-Display 64x96

Safety, sustainability and efficiency – the freely programmable message sign

IBOMADE catapults classical technology into a new era: Advanced traffic technology increases safety and saves the environment

Our freely programmable message signs are available in three different display-sizes (48x48, 48x80 or 64x96 Pixel). All components of the message signs including the LED-display are developed and manufactured by IBOMADE. The light-emitting diodes can be controlled separately which reduces the energy-consumption clearly.

The photovoltaic module of the latest generation and the battery unit with lithium-iron-phosphate are two of the reasons why IBOMADE is the state-of-the-art company for traffic technology: Firstly, the batteries are free from heavy metals and toxic acids. Secondly, due to the combination of photovoltaic module and battery unit no battery replacement is necessary – this leads to more sustainability and less interference with traffic.

Individually programmable message sign of the most recent generation

For warnings, information and more – the freely programmable message sign is an important element of advanced traffic management

Clearly visible and easily customizable LED-message signs are significant for a dynamic traffic management. IBOMADE is going one step further and manufactures freely programmable traffic message signs of the future. The displays are linked with IBOMADE’s cloud-based road construction site management software – digitally customizable and maintenance-free: traffic technology 4.0.

Due to different sizes of the LED-displays nearly every kind of message can be visualized on the freely programmable message signs – for example urgent warnings or general information. Because of the display brightness the message signs are perfectly visible at any time.

traffic management
Least possible interference of traffic, greatest possible effect
Quick installation and no maintenance – but dependability and efficiency

Every interference in moving traffic means risks for the traffic and road construction site workers as well as possible congestion. By using IBOMADE’s freely programmable message sign this interference will be reduced to a minimum.

Due to a quick delivery, the intuitive and fast installation of the message signs, the traffic will be affected only for short time – and this usually just one time. Because of the photovoltaic module and the battery unit no battery change is necessary any more with the message sign. IBOMADE’s traffic technology is sustainable, innovative and improves the traffic management of tomorrow.