Traffic surveillance

IBOMADE’s camera system does make advanced traffic surveillance possible

By request we connect the camera system to road traffic departments – with high resolution and night visions recordings.

Our traffic surveillance camera: simple, advanced and effective
  • cameras The cameras can be connected to road traffic departments
  • FTP-Upload - FTP-upload of files for a smooth communication
  • image taking Freely parameterizable image taking
  • Night vision recordings Night vision recordings possible
Traffic surveillance

IBOMADE’s traffic surveillance camera – practically oriented and contemporary

The parameter for image taking can be chosen freely and the upload of data is realized via FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

With the traffic surveillance camera by IBOMADE an effective and practically oriented traffic surveillance has become reality. Because our image data are uploaded via FTP (File Transfer Protocol), those involved have access to information at any time.

Freely parametrizable images as well as a very high image resolution (VGA 620x480 pixel to Full HD 1080p) are taking care for a perfect image experience. On this basis individual solutions for traffic surveillance are no problem. By request IBOMADE’s traffic surveillance cameras are recording night visions too.

Direct connection of traffic camera to your system

Road traffic departments and other customers do have direct access to the camera system – and benefit from IBOMADE’s innovative traffic technology

Our traffic surveillance cameras can be connected directly to your system. Thus, for example road traffic departments or other responsible offices do have access and sovereignty to data and parameters. Due to individual solutions and setting options our cameras can be used for many different purposes in road traffic.

In a classical way, traffic surveillance cameras do increase safety. But also, research purposes or special individual solutions can be realized with IBOMADE’s traffic surveillance camera system. We provide technology of advanced traffic management.

Traffic surveillance