Photovoltaic module

Robust, easily assembeled and efficient

The photovoltaic module is a substantial element of IBOMADEs energy-efficient and sustainable traffic technology.

Our advanced photovoltaic module
  • Powerful 380 watts Powerful 380 watts The photovoltaic module is equipped with two panels with 190 watts power each – combined strong 380 watts.
  • Energy self-sufficient traffic engineering Energy self-sufficient traffic engineering The module is an important contribution to the energy self-sufficiency of IBOMADEs traffic technology – for an environmentally friendly mobility.
  • Made by IBOMADE Made by IBOMADE The photovoltaic technology is made In Germany, the module is – like all other components as well – made by IBOMADE
  • Robust and durable Robust and durable With its robust surface and the solid technology, the module is long-lasting and very dependable.
  • Easy assembling Easy assembling Speed is an important factor concerning the assembly of traffic technology. In shortest time the frame is screwed on the tripod pole.
  • Safe connection Safe connection Due to the robust and permanently mounted supply cable, the photovoltaic module is installed and connected safe and quickly.
Photovoltaic module
Photovoltaic module

Photovoltaic module with 380 watts

60 watts more as usual

190 watts per panel (two panels per module) or 380 watts in total: IBOMADEs photovoltaic module is very strong. Usually, panels like this are equipped with 160 watts – with us you get 60 watts more performance.

Like every component of IBOMADEs traffic technology, also the photovoltaic module is made in Germany and made by IBOMADE.

Photovoltaic module
Photovoltaic module

Energy self-sufficient with photovoltaic

The module is an essential element for sustainability

IBOMADEs photovoltaic module of the latest generation makes autarkic energy supply for mobile LED-congestion warning systems or mobile variable-message signs (VMS) possible. We are the company for the revolution in mobility towards sustainability and environmentally friendly components – this is traffic technology of the future.

Simple assembling for long-standing use
The photovoltaic module is installed and connected with few movements

One important aspect of modern traffic management is to minimize the intervention in different traffic situations. IBOMADEs photovoltaic module is designed in that way, to be screwed to the tripod pole in shortest time.

Due to a special dimensioned and permanently mounted connection cable, the module can be connected fast and safe to the control unit. The robust processing is taking care of durability and dependability. With the state-of-the-art photovoltaic module IBOMADE combines solid craft with advanced traffic technology.