Concrete foundation

Solid basis for IBOMADEs traffic technology

The concrete foundation is the most important component concerning stability and carrying capacity of our traffic technology

To stabilize the advanced traffic technology and the tripod pole IBOMADE developed and manufactured a very strong concrete foundation. We have different types of concrete foundations in our portfolio to brave various wind pressures. State-of-the-art and innovative traffic engineering begins with the fundament.

Concrete foundation
Concrete foundation

Concrete foundation for different wind pressures

IBOMADE does not only design advanced technology, but also solid foundations

A strong and dependable concrete fundament is an underrated component of modern traffic technology. Because a first-class quality foundation increases the safety in traffic. IBOMADE has taken this on board and did also focus on development as well as manufacturing of alleged simple components such as tripod poles and concrete foundations.

To react dynamically to different systems and conditions, we designed various types of concrete foundations for different wind pressures. With in-house static calculations and our own IBOMADE concrete garage we also can produce special concrete foundations. In this way IBOMADE covers the whole spectrum of traffic engineering – with stability to more safety.