CB radio unit

Effective additional protection in road traffic

IBOMADEs CB radio unit increases the safety for road users concerning traffic jams and other arising danger zones – simple and efficient

  • Effective warning system Effective warning system Using CB radio, truck drivers and other radio users are effectively warned of dangerous areas such as sudden traffic jams.
  • For all CB radio users For all CB radio users The warning system is primarily addressed to professional truck drivers, but also to any user of the CB radio system.
  • Simple installation Simple installation The simple installation is made via montage clamp. For example, the system can be affixed to the tripod of IBOMADE right at the beginning of the road construction site.
  • 8 different languages 8 different languages The drivers are warned in 8 different languages – German, English, Romanian, Polish, Turkish, Danish, Czech and Russian.
  • Up to 300 meters range Up to 300 meters range The radio warning system has a range of 250 to 300 meters.
  • Protected against polarity reversal Protected against polarity reversal The CB radio unit has polarity reversal protection and a robust connection cable with colored and signed markings. The cable is connected to the control unit.
CB radio unit

More safety in road construction sites – with IBOMADEs CB radio unit

This is how the additional traffic safety component works with CB radio

Especially at the beginning of construction sites traffic jams are common. Immediate emerging endings of traffic jams are increasing the danger of rear-end collision. Trucks usually do have a longer breaking distance – with CB radio they are automatically warned via AM and FM. In this in 8 different languages German, English, Romanian, Polish, Turkish, Danish, Czech and Russian. The CB radio warning system of IBOMADE implies additional safety in road traffic.

Easy montage to tripod and control unit

Effective safety with minimal interference in traffic

The CB radio unit is mounted in shortest time. With a montage clamp the warning system is installed to a tripod at the beginning of the construction site. The connection of the radio system to the control unit is realized with a cable.

This connection cable is robust and marked with colors and signs – thus protected against polarity reversal. Connection and montage of the system are designed in that way, that mistakes are almost excluded and the interference in traffic is minimal – this is advanced and thoughtful traffic safety.