Mobile congestion warning system

Effective and early traffic jam detection

The transportable LED-congestion warning system by IBOMADE is a smart and modern traffic congestion technology – the innovation for more safety in road traffic and an advanced traffic management.


Mobile variable-message sign


Variable, energy self-sufficient and technologically advanced

Our LED-variable-message signs are versatile and equipped with perfectly harmonizing components – this advanced traffic engineering product is energy-efficient, dependable and eco-friendly.


Freely programmable message sign

Sustainable and maintenance-free

The freely programmable LED-message signs are providing maximum flexibilty for traffic safety measures. They are equipped with sustainable components and a dynamic customization of brightness.


Dynamic detour sign

Smart diversion signs for more traffic efficiency

IBOMADE’s dynamic detour signs are a smart traffic engeneering system for a sagacious traffic management. Automized diversion suggestions are no longer utopia, but reality.


Traffic data recording

Efficient recording of data with a high performance radar

Traffic volume, traffic jam detection, wrong-way driver identification and more – IBOMADE’s traffic data recording systems are providing essential data for various sectors of a forward-looking and visionary traffic management.


IBOMADE: Sustainable and smart traffic engineering 4.0

  • Advanced technologies for future mobility solutions Advanced technologies for future mobility solutions
  • Innovative, economically friendly and sustainable components Innovative, economically friendly and sustainable components
  • Reduced energy consumption, reduced personnel expenditures Reduced energy consumption, reduced personnel expenditures
  • No battery change necessary No battery change necessary
  • Product development, manufacturing and project management from one source Product development, manufacturing and project management from one source
  • Dependability and efficiency in design and implementation Dependability and efficiency in design and implementation
  • In-house software solution for sophisticated traffic construction site management In-house software solution for sophisticated traffic construction site management
Mobile variable-message sign
Mobile variable-message sign
Mobile Led Stauwarnanlage
Mobile Led Stauwarnanlage
Mobile variable-message sign
Mobile variable-message sign
Verkehrszählung und Verkehrsdatenerfassung
Verkehrszählung und Verkehrsdatenerfassung

The business

The IBOMADE GmbH designs and manufactures visionary traffic engeneering components like the mobile congestion warning system, the variable-message signs or freely programmable LED-message signs for an innovative, dynamic and safe traffic management.

What makes us special? For example the individual components like the photovoltaic module or the revolutionary, durable, light and maintenance-free battery unit. IBOMADE stands for progress, sustainability, efficiency and safety.

Our Mission
Innovative and eco-friendly technology for more safety in traffic
  • Smart traffic management Smart traffic management Due to IBOMADE’s engineering products a dynamic and smart traffic management is possible – including more safety and efficiency.
  • Advanced traffic technology Advanced traffic technology The mobility of tomorrow is one of the biggest issues today. Forward-looking traffic engineering products do simplify traffic construction site management.
  • Improve traffic efficiency Improve traffic efficiency A lower energy consumption, less personnel costs and no uneccessary intervention in traffic – IBOMADE is taking care of efficiency and sustainability.
  • Visionary battery technology Visionary battery technology Our battery technology revolutionizes the traffic construction site management. The batteries are secure and dependable – without maintenance or replacement.
Innovation made in Germany – and made by IBOMADE

Technical design, local manufacturing and the practical use of the traffic technology in collaboration with our business partners: IBOMADE is responsible for the entire value chain of traffic engineering products.

In our headquaters in Hockenheim the assemblies for traffic jam detection, variable-message signs or freely programmable message signs are developed, designed and manufactured. This includes important components like the advanced battery, the photovoltaic module, the LED-displays or the web-based traffic management software. All from one source – all made by IBOMADE.

Time is ripe for progressive traffic engineering and technology

Due to innovative battery technology and efficient photovoltaic modules there is no maintenance or replacement of batteries necessary

Congestion detection systems, variable-message signs and other systems are arranged as well as put into operation in shortest time. With our simple and extensive software solution for traffic and traffic construction site management you always keep track of the situation.

With IBOMADE this is no longer utopia but facts. With us traffic safety measurements and traffic technology is more efficient, more energy-saving, more eco-friendly and more dependable. We are looking forward to work with you as a strategical partner for sustainable traffic engineering 4.0.

LED-display 48X48 Pixel
LED-display 48X80 Pixel
LED-display 64X96 Pixel

Eco-friendly system components

For truly sustainable traffic management

We do our bit to enable an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly traffic safety in traffic construction sites. This especially appears in the self-developed and state-of-the-art sytstem components for our traffic technology products:

  • battery The battery unit with lithium-iron-phosphat. These are completely free from heavy metals and toxic acid. They are long-lasting and maintenance-free.
  • photovoltaic module The photovoltaic module is equipped with 380 Watt in total. Thus, IBOMADE’s traffic technology is energy self-sufficient and no battery change is necessary.
  • LED-display The LED-display has individual controllable pixels. As a consequence, the traffic displays are very energy-efficient.
Design and construction are orientend towards practical use
All traffic technology systems and components are high-quality and practical

What is the difference between IBOMADE and the competitors? Besides obvious things like our innovative battery units, LED-displays and the sustainable way of thinking, the details are important. Every single component and every final product is oriented towards two priciples: highest quality standards and best possible practical implementation.

This means: We only use high-quality metal instead of plastic. We focus on longevity and durability. On simple construction and quick installation. On colored marking cables and mechanically coded plugs to minimize possible mistakes. On a fast service on the road without further maintenance. In short: IBOMADE stands for a practical orientation to ensure more safety and efficiency.

photovoltaic module
Control unit
marked cables and plugs