Traffic census and traffic data recording

High-performance radar sensor for advanced traffic management

IBOMADE’s radar sensor allows an efficient traffic data collection – checking traffic capacity, executing traffic census, identifying wrong-way-driver.

Our traffic data recording: fundament for future traffic management
  • high performance radar sensor Dependable, exact and effective high performance radar sensor
  • advanced traffic management Significant data for advanced traffic management
  • Increased safety Increased safety for example with detection of wrong-way-driver
  • Efficient data collection Efficient data collection as basis for the mega trend autonomous driving
traffic data recording
traffic data recording

Traffic data recording: the performance of IBOMADE’s radar sensor

Measuring range, measuring accuracy, measurement objects – advanced traffic technology for a groundbreaking mobility management

IBOMADE’s radar sensor really deserves the addition “high-performance”: The measuring range is about 220 meters and up to six lanes in two different directions – simultaneous. Also, as regards accuracy IBOMADE is upfront. Because the speed of the traffic objects is recorded accurate up to one kilometer per hour.

The radar sensor is able to measure up to 130 traffic objects and eight different vehicle categories simultaneously. Accordingly, the sensor provides a great data basis for future traffic management decisions – for more safety and effectivity in road traffic.

IBOMADE is the future of mobility

This is why traffic data recording is essential for future traffic management

Besides defusing immediate threats for example detection of wrong-way-driver or sudden traffic jams, the recording and evaluating of traffic data provides more traffic safety also in the long term. Thus, valid data can support improved traffic planning. This implies for example autonomous reactions to traffic congestion or speed limits.

Real autonomous driving is still a dream of the future. But the change is coming with strides – the mega trend seems to be irreversible. Only with a dependable and efficient collection of traffic data with immediate transmission comprehensive autonomous driving is possible. IBOMADE and the high-performance radar sensor are the basis for this major step.

efficient traffic data collection
More than traffic jam detection: This is the wide area of application of traffic data collection
Safety and autonomous driving are important – but IBOMADE also attach importance to practically orientation of the technology

The traffic data recording is often used in combination with a LED-congestion warning system. Besides, the data collection is relevant for many other applications, for example: Instant safety features like detecting wrong-way-driver, execution of traffic census and capacity-check for long term and sustain traffic management.

To ensure the safety of the traffic at any time, IBOMADE’s radar sensor and control unit are installed quick and practice-oriented: A simple montage as well as colored and protected against polarity reversal cables are the result of IBOMADE’s detailed and creative development work.