Mobile LED-congestion warning system

Innovative technology for advanced traffic safety

The energy self-sufficient mobile LED-congestion warning system increases the safety in traffic – due to a fast traffic jam detection and advanced technology.

Our LED-traffic jam detection: next gen of traffic engineering and technology
  • congestion detection Early and reliable congestion detection
  • Self-sufficient energy supply Self-sufficient energy supply without battery change
  • battery technology Revolutionary battery technology and state-of-the-art photovoltaic modules
  •  Energy-saving Energy-saving innovative LED-displays
Mobile LED-congestion warning system
Mobile LED-congestion warning system

Dependability, sustainability, safety – IBOMADE’s traffic technology 4.0

The mobile LED-congestion warning system is energy self-sufficient and increases the safety in traffic

Exact and quick traffic data recording, energy self-sufficiency without battery change and linkage as well as control with our traffic construction site management Software – the LED-congestion detection is solving many common problems of traffic safety.

Due to energy-efficient and perfectly harmonizing components like the advanced photovoltaic module or the innovative battery unit, the LED-congestion warning system is maintenance-free. Thus, the intervention in traffic is reduced to a minimum – which increases safety and protects the environment.

21. Century traffic management – with sophisticated congestion detection systems

Effective und precise traffic jam detection by IBOMADE improves traffic flow and traffic safety

A very important factor of forward-looking traffic management are congestion warning systems. The mobile traffic jam detection systems are equipped with a state-of-the-art LED-technology and a high-performance radar and sensor technique for an accurate traffic jam detection.

On the basis of the innovative LED-technology best visibilty and great energy-efficiency can be guaranteed. The collection and transmission of data happens in shortest time. With this precision and speed the mobile LED-congestion warning systems do increase the safety for the traffic substantial.

High-performace radar for measuring sections

Another core element of the LED-congestion warning system is the cutting-edge radar

For an accurate analysis of traffic density and different traffic situations a measuring section with a powerful and dependable radar is necessary. In this way, an effective congestion warning can be realized. IBOMADE’s radar enables:

  • 8 different driving lanes A simultaneous detection of approximately 130 traffic objects and 8 different driving lanes
  • driving lanes A measuring section of about 220 meters and up to 6 different lanes concurrently
  • precision A precision of ± 1 km/h and more
These are the components for the mobile LED-congestion warning system
LED-display LED-display

Energy-efficient and available in three different sizes (48x48, 48x80 or 64x96 pixels)

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Battery unit
Battery unit Battery unit

State-of-the-art battery technology – maintenance-free and eco-friendly

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Photovoltaic module
Photovoltaic module Photovoltaic module

Energieautarke Verkehrstechnik made by IBOMADE

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Control unit
Control unit Control unit

Central control module for immediate data transfer to the cloud

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Radar Radar

Effective traffic data recording with wide measuring section

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Warning lights
Warning lights Warning lights

Efficient spotlights – durable and installed in shortest time

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Tripod pole and concrete foundation
Tripod pole and concrete foundation Tripod pole and concrete foundation

Stable basis for innovative traffic engineering

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