Battery unit

State-of-the-art battery technology for a revolution in road traffic

IBOMADEs battery unit with lithium-iron-phosphat (LiFePo4) are eco-friendly, durable and completely maintenance-free.

  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable Environmentally friendly and sustainable The state-of-the-art lithium-iron-phosphat batteries are utterly free from heavy metals and toxic acids.
  • Durable and dependable Durable and dependable About 2.000 battery charges are possible without any capacity loss – intermediate charges even unlimited.
  • Maintenance-free and uncomplicated Maintenance-free and uncomplicated Battery replacement and filling up liquids are not necessary. An LCD display reports the battery voltage.
  • Light and practically oriented Light and practically oriented The battery unit is only 31 kg of weight. Carrying loops, quick charging and a straightforward connection simplify the daily work.
  • Secure and short-circuit proof Secure and short-circuit proof An integrated circuit breaker increases the safety during connection and charging of the battery. LiFePo4-batteries are short-circuit proof.
  • Resistant and robust Resistant and robust The temperature stability is high (workspace from minus 20 to plus 60 degrees Celsius) and the battery box is very robust.
Battery unit
Battery unit

Next generation battery technology

A real innovation in traffic management

Traditional battery technologies used to be environmentally harmful, heavy, not always dependable and with regularly maintenance. These problems are gone with IBOMADEs advanced “Next Gen” battery technology. Our battery system relies on sustainability (environmentally friendly, durable), security (short-circuit proof, maintenance-free) and practically oriented solutions (light weight, plain connection, robust body).

Our battery unit is a game-changer in traffic safety

Various innovations and mastered challenges

Often, small things make the difference: a battery with display and voltmeter, a light weight of only 31 kg, colored cable-markings, holding devices and more. IBOMADEs battery unit is definitely practically oriented. Every detail was important during the phase of development. This simplifies the practical work of traffic safety. As a result, the traffic will be more secure in general.

Eco-friendly and without battery replacement
No maintenance on highways

The battery unit by IBOMADE is game-changing in many ways. But one aspect is revolutionary: Sustainability is the key factor of our thinking and development. With IBOMADEs battery technology no replacement of batteries and no maintenance is necessary any more. The battery is durable and the interference in road traffic is minimized.

More important aspects concerning environmental protection: Our lithium-iron-phosphat batteries (LiFePo4) are free from toxic acids or heavy metals. The light weight make the transport easier and the connection is efficient.