Advanced traffic data recording with high performance radar sensor

IBOMADEs radar sensor provides the needed data basis for an optimized traffic management and traffic safety

  • Effective traffic data recording Effective traffic data recording The traffic data collection by our radar sensor can be used for traffic technology, traffic census or wrong-way driver detection.
  • Exact and efficient object detection Exact and efficient object detection The radar records about 130 objects out of 8 different types of vehicles – and measures whose speed very precisely.
  • Wide measuring range Wide measuring range IBOMADEs radar sensor has a wide measuring range of approximately 220 meters. At the same time objects on 6 different lanes can be detected.
  • Basis for advanced traffic technology Basis for advanced traffic technology The high-performance radar sensor is a decisive component for IBOMADEs innovative traffic technology such as the mobile LED-congestion warning system.
  • Immediate transmitting of data Immediate transmitting of data The recorded data are transmitted immediately via control unit to the IBOMADE cloud to manage the traffic.
  • Simple und sichere Montage Simple and safe installation The connecting cable is marked with color and reverse polarity protected. The radar sensor is installed in shortest time – which increases traffic safety as well.

This is advanced traffic data recording

IBOMADEs radar sensor is powerful, dependable and exact

Approximately 130 objects out of 8 different types of vehicles in a range of 220 meters and two directions of travel – and this with a high level of accuracy. The performance data of IBOMADEs radar sensor are impressive: This is state-of-the-art traffic data recording via radar and leads to more traffic safety and a better traffic management.


High-performance radar as basis

Data collection and data transmission are fundamentals for traffic technology 4.0

For advanced traffic technology an efficient data recording is the basis. For example for IBOMADEs mobile LED-congestion warning system, the dynamic detour sign or traffic census the radar sensor and control unit are indispensable elements. Recording of data – automatic transmission – digital analysis – action: This is flexible traffic technology 4.0.

Efficient and practically oriented
With IBOMADE Innovation and everyday suitability are no contrast

During the development of our high-performance radar sensor, we focused on efficiency. The result: An exact and massive detection of traffic data. IBOMADEs radar enables a new period of dynamic traffic management.

At the same time, we focused on practical orientation, safety, error prevention and effectivity: With colored markings on connecting cables and a very easy montage the radar sensor is installed in shortest time. This minimizes the intervention in the traffic and increases the safety. Innovation starts with small things; revolution ends on a large scale.