Freely programmable and energy-efficient

Our LED-displays are available in three different sizes (48x48, 48x80 or 64x96 pixels) – the perfect display for example for our mobile variable-message sign (VMS) or mobile LED-congestion warning system.

LED-display of the latest generation
  • Freely programmable Freely programmable The LED-panel can display usual traffic signs but is also freely programmable.
  • Highest energy-efficiency Highest energy-efficiency The pixels are controlled individually and separately and thus very energy-efficient.
  • Dynamic display brightness Dynamic display brightness Because of two light sensors, adjustment and nightly setback are possible.
  • Checked and certified Checked and certified The LED-modules are photometrically checked and certified according to norm EN 12966-1:2005 + A1:2009.
  • Cascading of elements Cascading of elements A cascading of several LED-displays is possible
  • 100 percent IBOMADE 100 percent IBOMADE The LED-displays in three different sizes are developed and manufactured by IBOMADE.
LED-display 48x48
LED-display 48x80
LED-display 64x96

Development and manufacturing – made by IBOMADE

We know exactly what the benefits of our traffic technology are

The reason is simple: IBOMADE is responsible for the entire development and manufacturing of the system components like the smaller (48x48 pixels), the medium (48x80 pixels) and the large (64x96 pixels) LED-displays including circuit board. No additional purchases, no split know-how. The innovative and energy-efficient LED-display is 100 percent IBOMADE – from the first concept to the last screw.

LED-display 48x48
LED-display 48x48
LED-display 48x80
LED-display 48x80
LED-display 64x96
LED-display 64x96

Energy-saving: LEDs are separately controllable

What is the special aspect of IBOMADEs self-developed LED-display?

All light-emitting diodes of the displays can be controlled individually – depending on which individual programming or traffic sign should be displayed, only the needed pixels will be energized. In this way, no energy is wasted. IBOMADE develops and produced cost-effective and sustainable traffic technology of the latest generation.

Three different sizes for different purposes
LED-display for mobile LED-congestion warning systems, mobile variable-message signs (VMS) and many more

IBOMADEs state-of-the-art LED displays are manufactured in the different sizes. The smaller display (48x48) is perfectly suitable for example for mobile variable-message signs (VMS). The medium sized display (48x80) as well as the larger one (64x96) can be used for example for mobile LED-congestion warning systems or as freely programmable information board. All three displays are equipped with advanced and energy-efficient technology.

Picture gallery LED-display
Simple assembly and effective reverse polarity protection

Best product-quality is IBOMADEs highest claim. But also, the practical orientation and the daily work is a major aspect for our development division. The assembly of the LED-display is very simple: The reverse polarity protection is improved due to color-marked cables and sockets. In addition, manual on-site allocation between system and position is no longer necessary – this can be realized conveniently with IBOMADEs cloud-based software.

The fast and simple assembly and installation of the LED-display minimizes the susceptibility to errors and increases the safety for staff and traffic. Due to our innovative traffic technology, we reduce the necessary time slot in the area of risk.