Traffic warning lights

Safety for road users – due to durable and efficient directional lights

IBOMADEs traffic warning lights are characterized by two features: highest energy efficiency and a simple montage

  • Low energy consumption Low energy consumption Thanks to advanced LED-technology traffic warning lights are very energy efficient – and environmentally friendly.
  • Installation with 4 screws Installation with 4 screws Simple and effective: With only 4 screws, the traffic warning lights are bolt to the display.
  • Direct focus Direct focus Thanks to IBOMADEs self-made metal structure, both traffic warning lights are focused parallel to the road.
  • Automatic night setback Automatic night setback In the dark, the power of the LED-warning lights is reduced automatically to 30% - for a better visibility and more efficiency.
  • Extremely durable Extremely durable The durability of the traffic warning lights is about 100.000 hours long – this means, they flash for more than 11 years.
  • Made by IBOMADE Made in Germany Revolutionary technology up to the last screw – IBOMADEs traffic warning lights are made in Germany.
Traffic warning lights
Traffic warning lights

Energetic efficient and durable – this is sustainability

Traffic warning lights with low energy consumption due to state-of-the-art LED-technology

Compared to halogen lights, IBOMADEs traffic warning lights only need a fifth part of the energy – thanks to the latest generation of LED-technology. This is a shining example for energy efficiency. In combination with the durability of about 100.000 hours, the double warning lights are an underestimated factor for a sustainable and environmentally friendly traffic management – IBOMADE takes a step forward.

Traffic warning lights
Traffic warning lights

Just a few movements for installation

IBOMADE is known for its practical orientation and in road traffic – for more safety

A long-winded montage and a complicated installation of traffic technology endanger traffic and technicians. Therefore, IBOMADE did choose another way – commencing with the development of systems and components: We combine practical orientation with speed. In this way, we minimize the possibility for errors during installation and the interference in traffic.

What does that mean specifically for our traffic warning lights? With only four screws the two LED-lights are mounted to the display. The traffic warning lights do fit on all three different IBOMADE displays. The connection cable has to be hooked up to the control unit – and that’s it. Advanced traffic technology can be very simple.