Control unit

The traffic control unit – data collecting, administrating and transmitting

IBOMADEs control unit is a decentralized communication interface between the location and the cloud based LVMS system.

  • Data transmission to the cloud Data transmission to the cloud The control unit is IBOMADEs decentralized control device. All data are collected and transmitted to the IBOMADE cloud.
  • Stationary access Stationary access With IBOMADEs cloud access and monitoring are possible anytime and anywhere.
  • Energy-efficient and sustainable Energy-efficient and sustainable All components of the control unit are designed and constructed sustainable and efficient – with little energy consumption.
  • Self-developed main board Self-developed main board The core technology of the control unit is the main board. This was developed and constructed by IBOMADEs engineers.
  • Intuitive connection Intuitive connection Colored and signed markings on plugs and cables are making the connection easy and intuitive.
  • First-class quality First-class quality The used components including cables, board, connectors and box are first-class quality – robust and safe.
Control unit
Control unit

The control unit manages and transfers data

In shortest time all information are available in the IBOMADE cloud

As a decentralized control unit IBOMADEs self-developed and self-manufactured device is an essential component of our innovative traffic safety products. Data are collected and transmitted to the cloud for example with the mobile LED-congestion warning systems or the mobile variable-message signs (VMS). At any time, our customers have access to these data. Checking and monitoring at anytime from anywhere – this is innovative traffic engineering 4.0

Control unit
Control unit
Control unit
gekennzeichnete Kabel und Stecker

Simple and effective, fast and intuitive

IBOMADE enables a quick and secure connection

Safety and speed are no contrasts in advanced traffic technology. With colored and marked plugs, connections and cables, the installation of our control unit is intuitive and done in shortest time. The traffic will be affected only very little, mistakes during the connection-process are almost impossible. IBOMADE is taking care of a safe and effective traffic management.

Development and manufacturing of the control device: all made by IBOMADE
Self-made control unit including all components like the main board

IBOMADEs electrical engineers did develop and design the entire control unit including the core piece main board by themselves. Build-in components, technology, colored markings – the control unit is 100 % made by IBOMADE.

During the development we focused on efficiency (in terms of time and energy), quality and safety. The control unit for data management is practically oriented – and connected as well as ready for use in very short time. Due to the very dependable data transfer, IBOMADEs control unit is an important component of our advanced traffic technology.