LVMS manager

Web-based software solution for traffic management

For an efficient control system and monitoring of traffic technology for example in road work areas IBOMADE did develop an advanced tool – the LVMS manager. LVMS means LED-variable message sign.

Our LVMS manager: the software solution for more safety
  • LED-Variable Message Sign Direct access to the system for example for highway administration or police
  • LED-Variable Message Sign Efficient and easy controlling and monitoring of traffic technology via switching commands
  • LED-Variable Message Sign Safety due to secure and encrypted data transfer
  • LED-Variable Message Sign Advanced and time-saving traffic management thanks to clarity
Web-based software solution

Full monitoring and immediate control

IBOMADEs LVMS (LED-Variable Message Sign) manager enables monitoring and surveillance as well as direct controlling of traffic technology elements

With our web-based software solution active traffic management and construction site management can be realized easily. The tool visualizes all used traffic technology and all current traffic safety measures – for every person with access authorization.

Thanks to direct access, our customers can not only monitor the traffic safety technology but also modify the measures actively at any time. Authorized persons can use direct switching commands – this optimizes the traffic construction site management in increases efficiency.

Safety first – in traffic as well as in our web-based software

Modern traffic engineering, efficiency and advanced traffic management need secure technology and software

IBOMADEs advanced traffic technology revolutionizes traffic safety and makes construction site management efficient and safe. This applies also to the web-based software solution, the LVMS manager. To guarantee security all entered switching commands are documented.

Besides, the traffic management tool is equipped with assured and protected technology. It has a BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security) certification and an effective firewall for encrypted data transfer. The software is developed by IBOMADE and data will be transmitted to the IBOMADE cloud – this is the real data sovereignty.

Modern traffic engineering
Traffic and road work management 4.0
Diverse accessibilities, full control and transparent management via commands

With the LVMS traffic manager IBOMADE did develop a web-based tool for a new era of traffic construction site management. Usual accessibility via computer, via direct link of router or via sim card – the possibilities for users are multifarious and redundant.

For the first time traffic safety concepts can be controlled digital at a glance. Whenever necessary, switching commands for single parameters of variable-message signs or other traffic safety technology can be made – digital, safe, effective and simple.