Tripod pole

The solid tripod pole is basis for all system components

The tripod pole is made by IBOMADE – the bearing foundation for state-of-the-art traffic engineering.

LED-display, photovoltaic module, radar sensor, CB radio – all these components by IBOMADE are mounted to the tripod pole. The pole is the basis for our professional and innovative traffic technology 4.0. A special feature: In comparison to competitors, we built in additional rungs. This makes IBOMADEs tripod pole climbable like a normal ladder – and the installation of components easier.

IBOMADEs tripod pole
IBOMADEs tripod pole

IBOMADEs tripod pole is a secure basis for innovative technology

IBOMADE set great store by developing simple and solid construction – for more safety and efficiency in road traffic

During development and manufacturing of traffic technology products and single components, we always focus on practical orientation and a simple construction – this increases safety in traffic and minimizes time requirement and the risk of errors during installation. This applies also to IBOMADEs tripod pole which is conceptualized in a way, that every component can be mounted in shortest time.

Several details such as additional rungs to make the tripod pole climbable tip the scales: IBOMADEs traffic technology is not only robust and durable, but also mounted and installed in short time. This reduces the time of interference in road traffic and leads to effectivity and safety.